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House of Blues Cool New Nationwide Menu

Friday, October 15th, 2010

The New House of Blues Menu Features Art And Artists

Albert King

After some time in design, the new House of Blues restaurant menu is here. I was pleased that my photography was used exclusively in the design of the new menus. The photographs were not taken specifically for the menu, but from a large, rich body of work collected over 11 years. Like the House of Blues itself, the menu features an eclectic blend of blues and original outsider art, sprinkled with colorful architecture from venues around the country. Along with the famous Southern Style Menu, art and architecture was collected and photographed from Las Vegas, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, and Houston House of Blues venues.

The 9×14″ menu was designed not only with style in mind, but also the environment. The cover is constructed using an Eco friendly wood called Blue Pine. Nature has already begun harvesting the wood as it is being attacked by the Mountain Pine Beetle. Harvesting this wood does not deplete natural resources, and also clears the environment for new growth. Way to go House of Blues! The wood is rich with beautiful veins of blue gray color running through it. The menu is in National use already at House of Blues venues. Next time you swing by take a look a grab some of their world Famous Cajon Cooking.

Foundation Room, House of Blues, Las Vegas, Nevada

Foundation Room, House of Blues, Las Vegas, Nevada

House of Blues Tour

Saturday, May 23rd, 2009
House of Blues Restaurant, Dallas, Texas

House of Blues Restaurant, Dallas, Texas

I am Happy to be on tour again this summer shooting for the House of Blues. Starting at the Anaheim venue for 2 days with my Art Director/Assistant friend Ron Leland, we are now ready to tackle the Boston and Houston Venues and we will finish up in Las Vegas in June.

Architectural Photography At Night – What does that mean exactly? That is what I do the most as far as my photography is concerned. Take the House of Blues for example, I started shooting for them in 1999 when I was hired by Architect Sy Teller to create a magazine article on the Las Vegas Venue he had just finished. To retain the incredible lighting detail and dark cave like quality of the House of Blues brand, we decided everything should be shot at night or shot by blocking any window light to control the unique saturation that makes the House of Blues so special. A great place to see a show or have a spicy cajon style meal while enjoying the famous Blues Bar that is part of every House of Blues.

House of Blues Swamp Cookie, Anaheim, California

House of Blues Swamp Cookie, Anaheim, California

Of course part of the dark detail vibe means long exposures for the camera, a great tripod is must. In the time of film many exposures were in the 2 minute range. Now with 21 mega-pixel digital quality image capture, the time has been reduced, but long exposures are still what allows the intense saturation and detail which is what my brand of photography is all about.

Now 10 years and 10 cities later, we are again on the road for the ultimate images of the House of Blues that inspire, entertain, and show the promise of the House of Blues southern style hospitality vibe !~ Paul Jonason

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