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Architecture Of Washington DC

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

During a recent photo shoot in Washington DC, I had some time to check out some of our nations most famous architecture. Along with the National Mall and monuments, many of the museums also have fantastic architecture to offer. The designs of the exteriors are as interesting as what is inside.

The Washington Monument stands over 555′ tall and is visible from most parts of the city that have a bit of elevation. Architect Robert Mills design created a very modern looking Obelisk even by today’s standard. It is breathtaking to stand below and imagine building started before the Civil War of 1861.

Washington Monument, Washington DCWashington Monument.

The Lincoln Memorial is a later structure being dedicated in 1922. Architect Henry Bacon used a very classic design of Roman columns to house the large figure of Abraham Lincoln. Visitors crowd the steps daily for a great view over the National Mall pond. The museums of the National Mall are so varied and in such great numbers it is hard to even touch on them all in one full day. The Smithsonian alone has some 13 different museums to check out.

Lincoln Memorial

The American Indian

National Museum Of The American Indian

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