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The Power of the Visual Image

Monday, April 25th, 2016



After watching the Prince tribute on SNL this weekend, I am reminded of the power of the visual image to capture a moment. As a professional photographer, of course I know how important an image can be – it’s my career. But even us old pros need a reminder of how special the art of visual image is sometimes. The capturing of a split second in time in an image can say more than a thousand words ever could. At the end of Prince’s concerts, I had forgotten how he sometimes ends a set. He gets silent and lifts his guitar almost like it’s a God offered for worship. I had a moment where I clicked on that image in my mind, as if it were a still photo image and thought how incredible that one second capture in a still, would be if someone in fifty years, asked, “Who is Prince?”

I experience this kind of visual synchronicity all the time when I am shooting a home for instance, and the sun begins to set creating a sky that I couldn’t have painted any better. Or when a bird flies into a shot, unplanned. A little magic caught by the lens. It’s a different kind of narrative.

With that in mind, I have included what I think is a powerful image from a recent photo shoot. It’s a photo of an old Dodge truck from 1939. Take a look and see if you agree with me when I say, “There is nothing like the visual image to tell a story.”

Dodge Truck 1939

Dodge Truck 1939




America’s Cup 2013 – Incredible!!!!

Tuesday, January 14th, 2014

It has to be one of the coolest events I was able to attend and photograph last year, the 34th America’s Cup held in San Francisco Bay, California. Starting in 1851 and held only once every 4 years, this event brings together the best sailors and the fastest sailboats on earth. The majestic AC 72 catamarans lift out of the water and ride on a small dagger board and narrow rudder foils, add to that a 13 story wing sail and the boats take off to hit speeds up to and over 50 miles per hour! It looked like some of the power boats in the event were having hard time keeping up once the boats turned the buoy marker and headed down wind.

As if all that were not enough, these boats are a new generation of sailboats with both teams needing a steep learning curve just to control these monsters. It was obvious that team New Zealand had learned how to run their AC 72 first as they jumped out to a 8-1 lead against Team Oracle. Then the story no one would have bet on or predicted happened! The Oracle sailing crew worked late every night with engineers and designers to somehow find a new high gear when racing. Race by race they came back showing a control over their new found speed that team New Zealand just could not respond to. In the end, Team Oracle won 8 straight races to beat New Zealand 9-8. Get ready for America’s Cup 35 in 2017, it is going to be big!

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