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Restaurant, Food, and Wine Photography

Thursday, July 11th, 2013

I get to see and shoot lots of great locations in my line of work, it also helps that I love great food and wine! So first lets check out “Friends of The Vine“, a super cool wine boutique with a wine bar located in Redondo Beach. It is really more like hanging out in someones living room often making it hard to leave. Serving and selling an impeccable list of high end and often hard to find wines, it is the perfect place to stop in and become a Friend!


Next up you really need to check out Hudson House also located in Redondo Beach, it is a eclectic restaurant run by Top Chef runner up Brooke Williamson with her husband Nick. An interesting mix of Micro Brews, Wine, and spirits with an emphasis on great food. I always have a weak spot for Seared Scallops and Charred Asparagus. I love shooting food, especially when it is well prepared, fresh, and looks like art. I almost always shoot from a tripod, the restaurant has some nice skylights that I used to naturally back light the food shots making it look wonderfully appetizing.

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