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Architecture of Amsterdam, Holland

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

Well it is almost Amsterdam! These gorgeous pieces of architecture are located in North Amsterdam, Holland, across the harbor near Purmerend. As an architectural Photographer I found it impossible not to shoot on my off time in Europe. Well it is not really working is it? I find it fascinating to see how people live in other countries and made a serious effort to add new, stunning images to my collection. These commercial buildings and residential homes both modest and grand were all in the same small neighborhood. The neighborhood is protected from the heavy traffic of Amsterdam by a small gate on a bridge that closes around 4:30 pm and only allows foot traffic, bicycles, and scooters to cross.

If you are lucky in Holland, your property is located on a canal of which many are. This gives you instant access to kayaking through the countryside, or ice skating in the winter. Stop at a small hidden cafe along the way for Pannenkoeken and Espresso, or some of the best Dutch cheese in the world.

Ok sorry, back to business. The photographs contained show some of the coolest homes I have seen, so I will let the images speak for themselves. Some these images look artificially lit, but I guarantee they were not. The stunning natural quality of light happened at around 4 pm Holland time and was captured using only my camera, tripod, and polarizing filter. Of course the visual passion I felt looking at this architecture did not hurt! Did I mention I love my Job?

Houston Texas Architecture Rocks!

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

Houston Architecture literally rocks at Live Nation’s Verizon Wireless Theater. On my recent shoot for Live Nation in Houston Texas, my two day photo shoot involved photographing the whole venue staged and fully set up for two big shows.

Day one for the Glenn Beck show was set up concert style with full seating. The second day for a rocking Michael McDonald benefit concert was set up for elegant dining for 500 guests. The caterers and design team did an amazing job transforming the venue.

If you are hungry after a regular show there,  The Hard Rock Cafe is conveniently right next door, no extra driving needed!

Generally speaking, the larger the venue, the less of my own lighting can be spread around. It becomes too risky for damage or personal injury. Instead I rely on working with the lighting director of the venue, I will still add some foreground and fill light as needed.

The lighting director was in back of the stage during my shoot and agreed to change the color balance every 5 minutes as I worked. Once we have the levels balanced, I begin my series of exposures. I always shoot a spectrum of exposures in case I need to retouch something or blend some images together.

Since going to SLR high rez digital, I switched from Nikon to Canon. I have always been in love with PC and Tilt Shift lenses for Architectural Photography and Canon has the best! I use both Canon 24mm and 17mm TS-E lenses.

For the the Concert Hall, I used the 17mm lens with a pair of Lowel Tota Flags, they are portable metal gobos that link to a bendable arm and can shade super wide lenses from lens flair. I always carry these with me as well as an array of Lowel stands and lighting. I have been lucky Lowel has helped me set up a cool bag of tricks to use and protect my gear while shooting nationwide.

After the shoot I am always on the hunt for the best BBQ which I have always found in Texas. After walking the town and looking in on my other client, House of Blues Houston, I wandered down to The Grove for a fine dining experience. Next time you are in town try the Hill Country Venison, smoky and lean. Thanks Houston!

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